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Butterscotch - Loved it

Tropolite Aroma is such a wonderful 2-in-1 food flavour that will enhance the flavours aswell as provide the natural colour that you’re looking to add to your dish. I just Loved using it.

- Tanya

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Miniature figurines

Tropolite Fondants are superb, Very light to taste and works wonderfully for creating miniature figurines without cracking. And the Butterscotch aroma flavor has my clients wanting more. 

- Roma Goswami

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Light and easy to use

Tropolite Premium Whip Cream -Light and yum, It was just so light and easy to use it. Made my cake superb. Thank you Tropolite

- Anjali M

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Bakefitz Frozen Cookies

Thank you very much for giving opportunity to try with Frozen cookie dough.Its so simple and easy step to follow and taste is just awesome ..just like freshly baked and collected from the shop.Its healthy based on nutrition prospective and as well as tasty and good snakes for kids as well.

- Sanjukta Panja

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