A3f Mix Veg Momos 500g

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Product Specification:

1. Momos are precooked to 75 deg C and then blast frozen to achieve shelf life of 9 months when stored at -18 Deg C.
2. RO water used in food production.
3. No added preservatives.
4. We source meat from Halal certified processing units only.
5. Packs for Institutional sale only.
6. Momos are available in 2 sizes:
(1) 20 Grams per piece (Standard Size) | (2) 31.25 Grams per piece (Large Size)
7. Primary Packaging is done in freezer safe, food grade LD covers with over 50 micron. Secondary Packaging is done in 5 ply cartons of two sizes : 5 kgs per carton and 20 kgs per carton
8. Frozen Momos can be either Steamed or Deep Fried or Pan Fried or Pan Tossed or Tandoored,

Includes 4 sachets of Chutney/Sauce

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Shelf Life - 9 months from date of Manufacturing