Oddy Ecobake Baking & Cooking Parchment Paper 255mm" x 20 mtrs

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Makes baking a breeze…

“If baking and cooking is your passion, then parchment paper is your best friend”. We have to trust the leading food experts and professionals when they say this. Oddy Uniwraps, a leading food packaging supplier and manufacturer, brings to you the ultimate professional quality of imported Baking Parchment Paper at an exceptionally affordable price, so that you would never have to compromise with a low quality butter paper or ask your friend or relative from abroad to bring it with them when they visit.

Uniwraps Baking Parchment Paper, also referred to as baking sheet parchment paper is ideal for use upto 230o C (446o F) for baking delicious cakes, cookies, muffins, baked veggies, fish, and much more! It is grease-proof and non-stick, thus eliminating the need to grease the baking tray/pan so that baking becomes hassle-free and there is no cleanup required after baking. Also, your yummy baked items come out in nice shape, just like that. You can also summon your creative side and go ‘En papillote’, to cook your favourite recipes. Still not impressed? Discover the shortcut to cook great meals on conventional gas stove in minimum to zero oil by cooking on a sheet of parchment paper spread on any pan, and completely eliminate the need to clean-up after cooking! That’s not all, all Uniwraps products are ISO 22000:2005 & IS 6615:1972 certified for Food Safety, so that taste and health go hand in hand. Check out our blog for more information and great recipes.

Just go ahead… Make Baking a Breeze!