Rich's Nugel Strawberry Glaze 1kg

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Description and Features - 

Rich's Nugel Strawberry Flavor Ready to use Glaze is a Semi vicious, Dark red glazing gel with Strawberry flavour, color that adds shine to the cake and desserts

In our journey of cake making, a sparkling finish is a memorable one. With Rich’s Nugel- a Ready To Use dessert gel glaze, bring a dazzling appeal to your desserts and cakes. Our focus is to create a hassle-free and wholesome Nugel experience for you.

Take desired quantity in a bowl and stir softly
Read to use - no need to add water.
Add food color and flavor as desired.
Use as decorating glaze in Cakes, Pastries & Desserts.
Always close the lid when not in use and keep the container in a cool area.

Shelf Life - Best before 7 months from manufacture when stored in a cool & dry place