Richs Whip Topping Gold 1 kg

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Description and Features - 

The proven gold standard in whip toppings! Rich’s Whip Topping Gold has an outstanding taste and smooth texture that make it a winner. It imparts a distinguished shine and finish to your cakes and desserts like no other whip topping. Rich’s Whip Topping Gold is easy to work with and a delight to taste

  • Arrives frozen.
    •  Store at -18°C or below. 
    •  Thaw under refrigeration (+2°C & +7°C) for 24-36 hours before use. 
    •  Shake well before opening the Rich's Whip Topping® Gold & Pour into a chilled bowl (should not exceed 18% of bowl capacity).
    •  Ideal Whipping temperature for the product is 7°C to 10°C. 
    •  Whip at medium speed until soft peaks form. 
    •  Whipped product must be stored under refrigeration & can be frozen.
    •  If desired add color, flavor or sweetening agent during whipping.

             Shelf Life -Unopened: Frozen shelf life (at -18°C or below) - 12 months

            • Thawed and unopened: Refrigerated shelf life (at 4°C to 7°C) - 2 weeks
            • Opened and unwhipped: Refrigerated shelf life (at 4°C to 7°C) - 5 days
            • Whipped: Refrigerated shelf life (at °CC to 7°C) - 3 days