Shineroad Truffle Magic 1 kg

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Description and Features 

Shineroad Truffle Magic is base for Truffle which you can use in your kitchen. It is sinfully rich and has a smooth texture, making it possible for you to make truffle-based cakes and desserts that just melt in the mouth! An innovation from Shineroad India R&D that will inspire you to create some tempting new options for your menu !

  • Reduces consumption of chocolate.
  • Excellent glossy texture and mouth feel.
  • Enhances taste & stability of cakes.
  • Made with superior quality of cocoa from Ghana.
  • Cholesterol and trans fat free.
  • Perfect for ganache making.


Cake Topping & Filling I Dessert I Mousse I Souffle I Eclair I Milk Shake I Dollop


Shelf Life : 12 months from date of Manufacturing when stored  at -18°C or below unopened.