Slurrp Farm Protein Rich Millet Dosa Mix Spinach 150 g

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Description and Features -

Slurrp Farm Protein Rich Millet Dosa Mix Spinach is the healthy option for you and your kids 

  • Healthy multi grain millet dosa mix with goodness of urad, chana, moong, and toor with natural spinach powder and a mix of mild spices
  • Packed with 4 lentils for a power protein punch, contains 17g proteins per 100g
  • No maida, no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours, no transfat and low salt
  • Weight - 150g, 

What's Inside -

Foxtail Millet, Moong Dal, Toor Dal, Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Spinach, Dehydrated onion and a mix of spices (Asafoetida, Curry leaves, Cumin), Salt

Recipe -

Step 1: Mix ½ a packet of dosa mix, ½ a cup of yogurt (dahi), and ½ a cup of water into a smooth batter. If yogurt tastes too sour, add milk or water instead. Let it stand for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Warm a flat non-stick pan to medium heat. Add ghee or butter to the pan. Pour the batter onto the heated pan into any shape you like. Cook well on both sides. The goodness of Supergrains means that it doesn’t cook as fast as refined flour! Serve hot.

Step 3: You can serve the dosas with chutney, cheese, freshly cooked vegetables or cottage cheese, a dash of lime juice and coriander.

Shelf Life 12 Month from date of Manufacturing 

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