Tropolite Pancake Mix - 500 g

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Product Features

Tropolite Pancake Mix - 500 g - Is an egg free pancake mix
The pack contains two individual packs of 250 g each
Make a batch as per your requirement and store the rest.



Recipe - for 250 g Pancake Mix

Tropolite Pancake mix - 250 g

Milk - 250 ml

Oil/Butter -40 g

empty out the pan cake mix 250 g in a bowl

add the water and oil as recipe

mix using a hand whisk to form a smooth batter

Pour the batter (quantity and size of pancake as required) on a well greased frying pan

Cook on both sides till golden brown for at least 4 to 6 minutes

    Shelf Life

    9 months from the date of manufacturing, Store in a Cool Dry Place