Tropolite Premium Whip Cream 1 kg

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Product Features

Tropolite Premium Non Dairy Whip Cream is a premium quality whipping cream used for icing and decoration of Cakes and Pastries.

This product gives better stability to bakery and beverage icing and has good volume. Versatile and easy to Use. Excellent for Sharp edges Highly Stable upon Whipping Excellent volume and smooth finish. Contains Sugar Easily mixes with Tropolite Gel-O-Colors

Recipe/Method of use

  • Defrost in chiller (2°C to 7°C) until complete thawing of frozen content.
  • Shake well before opening and pour into a bowl up to 20% the bowl capacity.
  • Whip first on medium speed until product start to thicken, then on high speed until soft peaks form.
  • *Be careful not to over whip. Over whipping may result in cracking of gateaux. Store whipped product under refrigeration (0°C to 5°C).

Shelf Life

12 months from date of production/ store at or below -18°C in its original packing. Keep away from direct sunlight.