Tropolite Truflmate 1kg

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Product Features

Truflmate is a versatile product which is prepared for making high quality Truffle. Provides consistency in prepared recipe and taste. Excellent mouth feel with outstanding taste. Provides excellent shine in Truffle. Good setting with smooth texture. Easy handling and usage

Recipe/Method of use

  • The product is frozen.
  • Thaw under refrigeration for 10-12 hours and shake well before using.
  • Take equal amount of Truflmate and Chocolate compound, heat until chocolate dissolve completely without any lumps.
  • The prepared Truffle requires keeping up to 10-12 hours at below 24o C to set properly.
  • Apply on the cakes or pastries, truffle can be heated up to maximum 40o C as per requirement.

Shelf Life

12 months from date of manufacturing/ store at -18ºC or below.